What is STC?


STC works with IT companies across the United States helping them improve their product portfolio by supplementing any existing products they currently carry. As a supplement, we work in partnership with each company to help guide them and their clients through the sales, engineering, and technical process. From years of experience in different environments, we understand not every project will be the same, and our process allows us to custom tailor each solution.

We work as a no-contract, no-volume commitment value added distributor. We focus on bringing similar reseller pricing to companies that cannot afford to bring on new contracts for different equipment, not to mention hiring on additional personnel to carry the extra workload.

STC can service all 50 states and over 95% of the country.

Company Info

  • Toll Free (800) 568-0108
  • Info@simplifiedtelecomcorp.com.
  • Chicago, IL - (630) 599-1075
  • New York, NY - (212) 840-3393
  • Seattle, WA - (206) 400-7860
  • Los Angeles, CA - (310) 598-7270
  • Las Vegas, NV - (702) 989-8699
  • Denver, CO - (720) 452-3998


STC can work with companies as a simple consultant to advise on products, services, and overall project design.


STC has product engineers able and willing to help with any technical issues.

Value Added Distribution

STC is a Value Added Distributor, offering more than just products..


For additional information, please complete the form below. If you are looking for technical support, please include as much information as possible.